About US

who are we?

Welcome to BSTjersey.com, we are an online business store from China, the first choice for buying cheap high quality football, soccer, baseball, basketball jerseys high quality jerseys, cheap customized high quality jerseys and other sports equipment land.

Our philosophy´╝č

Due to our love for sports such as football, basketball, baseball, etc., we often buy jerseys to support our favorite teams, but the price of many jerseys exceeds their production cost, and when your budget is limited, you will give up your passion. We believe that consumers should be able to choose the jersey of their favorite team by themselves, rather than being forced by team sponsors to buy at a price that is much higher than the cost of manufacturing the clothing. We do not need to spend too much money to buy jerseys. Therefore, we are determined to create a store where everyone can pay for their passion, so we established a factory to produce jerseys, eliminating the middlemen who earn the price difference, and giving cheap prices to everyone who likes jerseys.
BSTjersey was established to provide consumers with more choices to buy their favorite jerseys at prices consistent with manufacturing costs, wear them during sports or games, focus on the right things, and enjoy the fun it brings. Through our services and products, you no longer have to worry about price and can bravely pursue and enjoy your passion.

Our product type?

BSTJersey has enough types of jerseys. The rich varieties and cheap prices make it exist in the hearts of every fan who loves sports. The jerseys include a variety of cheap, high-quality football, football, baseball, basketball, etc. jerseys, including Short and long sleeve replicas as well as player jerseys, kits, jackets, hoodies and more.

Why choose us?

1.Safe enough, we use special technology to process payments, we do not store any of your payment information, you do not have to worry about the risk of your information being leaked, please view our privacy policy for more information.

2. We have cheap prices and good quality, as well as excellent service

As avid football fans, we will not reduce the quality of jerseys just because of cheap prices. Strict quality control and satisfactory customer service are always our top priority! We have a professional quality inspection team to ensure the quality of each item and strive to provide you with services. Almost the same product your favorite players wear on the court. In addition, we also provide 30-day returns, please see the refund policy for details. One-on-one customer service makes your shopping worry-free. The customer service will answer all your questions in a timely manner so that you have a pleasant shopping experience.

3. We are trustworthy

We pride ourselves on being a reliable deal. You can always trust that the cheap jerseys for sale at BSTJersey are of the highest quality and at the lowest prices. We will serve you at any time with great patience and professionalism to solve any problems you encounter on our website. Please see the FAQ for some questions frequently asked by customers.

4.Fast shipping

When you buy a product, you are always anxious and expecting to see your favorite product as soon as possible, so we provide fast global shipping to ensure that you receive your jersey in time.