Impact Program

What is an impact program?

IMPACT PROGRAM By participating in this program, you not only have the opportunity to receive a free jersey as a thank you, but you also become an influential advocate for our brand. Your posts will help increase the visibility and credibility of our brand within your network, potentially attracting new customers who trust your recommendations.

We sincerely value your support and believe that together we can create buzz about our brands that benefits both of us. Your participation in this influencer program will not only help us grow our customer base but will also enhance our brand reputation.

To participate in this program, all you need to do is create and share a post about our brand on your favorite social media platform. We encourage you to use specific hashtags or mention our official accounts to ensure maximum visibility.

Thank you for being a valued customer and we look forward to seeing your great posts become part of our influencer program.

1.Get product:

2.Get cash:

Here’s how referrals and rewards work:
1️⃣ Share your invitation link or code on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, blogs, Reddit or football forums.
2️⃣ If your friend successfully places an order on BSTjersey and completes the order, you will receive a 5% reward of the friend's amount.
3️⃣ Click this link to apply, contact information: WhatsApp: +44 7495078090

3.What do you need to do?


1️⃣ Create a TikTok Account for bstjersey

2️⃣ Account naming: bstjersey + code name

3️⃣ Account profile: Discount code + introduction/slogan + website name

4️⃣ Cooperation time: 5-7 videos a week 

(Only one video per day is enough, to avoid being banned.We’ll pay you 2$/video, 15$/week)