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Cheap Valencia Jerseys | Valencia Cf Jersey For Sale Online Store

Valencia team history

Founding and Early Years (1919-1923): Valencia Football Club was founded in 1919 and was originally named "Valencia Football Club". In the early days of its establishment, the club participated in football competitions in the Valencia region and gradually developed and expanded.

Officially registered and entered the Spanish Football League (1923-1928): In 1923, Valencia Football Club was officially registered and began to participate in the Spanish Football League. In the early league games, Valencia achieved certain results and gradually emerged.

Golden Era (1940-1950s): The 1940s to 1950s were the golden age of Valencia Football Club. During this period, the club won multiple La Liga titles and domestic cup titles, and became an important force in Spanish football.

European Competition Success (1970s-2000s): Between the 1970s and 2000s, Valencia Football Club achieved some success in European competitions. They have participated in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup (now the UEFA Europa League) many times, and won the UEFA Cup in the 1999-2000 season.

Development in recent years (21st century to present): Since the 21st century, Valencia Football Club has experienced some challenges and changes, but still maintains the competitive level of La Liga. They have reached the stage of European competitions many times, and although they did not win the championship again in the league, they are still one of the important clubs in Spanish football.

Cheap Valencia’s jersey features

Orange and black: Valencia's home jerseys are usually orange or orange-based, one of the club's signature colors. Orange represents Valencia's regional culture and football tradition, and has become one of the core elements of the club's Valencia Jerseys design.

Black decoration: In addition to the main orange color, Valencia's jerseys For Sale are usually equipped with black decorations, such as collars, cuffs and jersey patterns. Black is used as the auxiliary color to form a sharp contrast with the orange, enhancing the visual effect of the jersey.

Simple design: Valencia's jersey design usually maintains a simple and classic style without adding too many complicated patterns or decorations. This design style is in line with the club’s traditions and values and embodies Valencia’s simplicity and resilience.

Sponsor's logo and club logo: Valencia's jerseys usually have the sponsor's logo and the club's logo printed on them. The addition of the sponsor's logo is not only part of the commercial cooperation, but also an important part of the club's revenue source. The club logo represents Valencia Jerseys identity and status.Cheap Jerseys are available on

Famous players from Valencia

David Villa: David Villa is one of the legendary forwards of Valencia Football Club. He performed well during his time at Valencia, became the team's main shooter, and helped the team win multiple honors.

David Silva: David Silva is a product of Valencia's youth training. He showed outstanding skills and creativity during his time in Valencia and became the core player of the team. He later moved to Manchester City where he enjoyed great success.

Gaizka Mendieta: Gaizka Mendieta is an excellent midfielder. He performed well during his time in Valencia, helping the team win the La Liga championship and the UEFA Cup championship, and became an important player for Valencia. one.

Mario Kempes: Mario Kempes is Valencia's legendary forward. He won the Ballon d'Or twice in 1976 and 1977, and led the Argentine national team to win the World Cup in 1978. He scored many goals during his time at Valencia and became a symbolic figure for the team.

Pablo Aimar: Pablo Aimar is a skilled Argentine midfielder who showed excellent technical and organizational skills during his time at Valencia, becoming an important part of the team and helping the team achieve some goals. Important achievements.

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